Building Local Sustainable Food Systems In Canada

Building Local Sustainable Food Systems In Canada

Like so many of our forward thinking European neighbours, Canada wants to become a world leader by showing that locally sustainable food farms are the way of the future. From initiatives to teach school children about how food is grown through to community based growing sects, there are tons of different ways to get involved in the Canadian sustainable food market. Hopefully this article will give you a few ways you or your family might help contribute to a more eco friendly planet by getting yourself involved in some way, even if only small.

Buy Local

The best thing about buying locally grown produce comes in knowing its fresh and hasn't been sat in some container covered in life-extending chemicals. On top of being fresh and more nutritious you know it hasn't been transported from some far away destination, using fossil fuels to transport it and then sat in some supermarket under bright lights for who knows how long. Buying local food isn't just beneficial to your health, but also to the environment.

Why Does It Cost More?

Local food usually is a bit more expensive than mass farmed food for a few reasons. So sure, it may be a few dollars more, but isn't the environment and the farmers hard work worth at least a few bucks? I sure think so.

New Sustainable Farming

In this awesome new age we can share ideas across the globe, so while new farming techniques once took a long time to make their way around the globe, now with a simple email you can share ideas and help anyone get into sustainable farming. Some of the best ideas I've seen come out of Canada involve indoor farming. There are a couple of lads who took it on themselves to bring hydroponics to apartments. They are long thin containers, cleverly crafted, using amazing filtration techniques that involve very little maintenance and can produce a really large quantity of food. Another huge trend I've seen springing up all over various parts of Canada are building sea container structures to grow a significant amount of healthy food. As we all know it can get extremely frosty in the Canadian winter and the best part about using these new indoor structures mean we can grow food all year round without worry about frost destroying the crops, as everything from temperature to air pressure can be controlled. These new techniques are not only making it easy as pie for anyone to get involved in the movement, but produce year round, significant quantities of extremely fresh and healthy produce. Click here to learn more

Where You Can Buy Local Food?

Sustainability is looked at as the way of the future and a community initiative, so you'll often see people offering their sustainable produce at a variety of places. These include: - Local markets and fairs - Farmers markets and other local produce stores - Highway stops where they have a variety of crates full of different produce on offer

Get Involved

No matter where you live, you can be doing something to support eco friendly sustainable food farming. Ask your community what you can do to get involved. Set up a workshop to teach kids about sustainability. Start your own hydroponic farm. The options are endless and we'd love to have you get involved in shaping a better world for our children.



Debt Consolidation and Budgeting

Getting yourself out of debt is equivalent to completing every video game ever made on the hardest difficulty setting. In case that wasn't clear, getting yourself out of debt is damn right near the hardest thing a person will ever do in their life. See you can do everything right, then life can throw you a curve ball and set the whole motion backwards by ten years, and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it. So you're left with making a plan, then sticking to it the best you can. That's why I've put together this article, to try and help you on your way to unshackling yourself from the weight of debt.

First Up – Consolidating

If you haven't already consolidated your debt, you need to. Paying off cards individually won't actually help you get out in front of it all. You want to stop all the crazy inflated interest repayments and get all the overdue and remaining balances to zero. Taking out a debt consolidation loan from your bank is one of the best ways to immediately start yourself on the right foot. Click here to learn more

Working Out How Much You Earn

To get out from under the pile of debt you've been collecting over the years, sometimes simply consolidating it all doesn't stretch your dollar far enough. You need to be making more than you are spending each month. So if you don't already know how much you make a month, write it down.

Cost Of Basic Living Expenses

These are essential items you really can't live without each month, such as food, toilet paper, toothpaste, etc. You need to work out what they are costing you. Being realistic grab a few of your receipts from the last few shopping trips to the grocery store. You need to write down the items you're purchasing consistently, not the luxuries like chocolates and ice-cream, we're trying to get you out of serious debt so your dollar can stretch far enough to afford these enjoyments again. Click here to learn more

Reducing Cost of Living Expenses

As weird as it sounds, a visit to the local farmers market will actually save you a significant amount on your grocery bill. Buying food locally means you can buy just as much as you need. No longer do you need to pay for entire bags of food only to end up throwing half of it out. The trick is to only buy what you would at the regular grocery store, not just say oh it's cheap I'll get one of these and these and oh, these too. That can happen in time, but right now you need to give your wallet some breathing room, so only buying what you need will save you a pretty penny. Check coupon codes, magazines, social media offers and various other discount vouchers you find. These codes might seem silly at first, but slap a couple of them together and it will make your trip to the grocery store a whole lot cheaper. Again, remember just because the coupon is 2 for 1, don't feel you have to use it. The best savings are discounts on items you'd otherwise purchase anyway.

Live With A Friend

If your finances are in such a bad shape, consider hiring a storage container or see if you can leave your stuff with friends or family. Then vacate your rental and live with a friend, family member, caravan, bungalow, timeshare, etc, for as long as you can. Sometimes just a month or two can be enough to give you a much needed break from the stress of never ending bills. Use the money you save during this time to pay off some of your debt. It might not seem like a lot, but on top of everything else you're now doing, it'll be enough to help get you ahead.



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